Popular content creator Imane “Pokimane” Anys has returned to the platform to address her drama with other YouTubers having recentl taken some time off social.

Pokimane creates daily gaming content for her 2.3 million followers. However, she announced to fans on August 6th that she would be taking a break from social media after receiving a wave of criticism resulting in her feeling ‘burnt out‘.

Nearly two weeks later Pokimane returns with an apology video in which she takes accountability for her actions.

YouTube drama with Keemstar and Bowblax

In attempts to stop the situation from snowballing, Pokimane requested YouTube to take down the video, and has since been labelled as the person who ‘takes down others’ videos’. Pokimane says in the video:

“I know this video is long overdue… I honestly should not have taken any time off prior to acknowledging or addressing or apologizing for these things.” 

After discovering Bowblax was upset regarding the video take-down, Pokimane allegedly spoke to Bowblax privately to resolve the issue. Pokimane also addresses other times that she has been accused of taking down other creators videos and states she:

“Fully supports transformative content” and has “learnt from my [her] mistakes”.

Bowblax tweeted yesterday, August 18th, that he accepted Pokimane’s apology and will respond with his final thoughts in an upcoming video which was uploaded this morning, August 19th.

Responding to criticism

In the second incident, she addresses the problem between her and YouTuber ItsAGundam. Pokimane watched part of a video by ItsAGundam which allegedly included him ‘talking down on her fans’. Additionally, in the clip, he’s seen making fun of a photo that features Pokimane and a fan. Pokimane admits she may not have responded well to criticism in the past stating:

“I made some remarks I shouldn’t have, and that I’m very sorry for.” she adds “I’ve been mocked countless times for my appearance,” she sums up her actions adding “it just felt so unfair to see that happen to an innocent fan… I got really got up in that feeling and I was so bothered”.

Addressing inappropriate remarks

Pokimane responded to her use of inappropriate language after a clip from seven years ago resurfaced in which Pokimane used the n-word. Pokimane assured fans there was no ill intention behind her offensive language and reveals in the video:

“I’ve commented on this in the past, but honestly, my statements and comments then weren’t even good enough.” She continues, “I really wish I could go back in time or change the past. Unfortunately, I can’t.”

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To end the video Pokimane adds she would like to keep her personal life private and will continue to work on the problems she has addressed.

However a video like this doesn’t come without backlash and opinions, Keemstar has already tweeted to find out what Twitter thinks.

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