Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has launched but it’s been a bumpy ride so far which has resulted in fans wanting the refund time to be extended on Steam. There’s been numerous issues with trying to download the blooming game, and a frequent one for many is being stuck on “please wait”. If you’re stuck on “please wait” for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam, below you’ll discover how to possibly fix the issue.

Although it’s landing hasn’t been exactly smooth thanks to numerous issues with downloading it, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is still an incredibly impressive and ambitious title when it works. Some have dubbed it the best and most accessible simulator, and it’s hard to argue with that viewpoint when you can fly almost anywhere.

However, it’s praise isn’t much good to those who haven’t been able to play thanks to download issues. If you’ve found yourself stuck on “please wait,” below you’ll discover how to possibly fix the problem for Steam.

How to fix Microsoft Flight Simulator stuck on “please wait”

Follow the below steps to possibly fix the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 stuck on “please wait” issue for Steam:

  • Head to App Data and then Roaming
  • Select Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Click Packages, Official, and Steam
  • Scroll to the very bottom and delete one of the last modified files (backup just in case)

This potential fix comes courtesy of YouTuber wegotapplejuice, but it has also been recommended on Reddit where most people have upvoted it.

On Reddit it’s suggested that you delete the last four or five modified files, but removing one should possibly be fine. Rather than flat out deleting, back up the files you are removing just in case any issues arise.

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If you need help for Xbox Game Pass, there’s a detailed explanation on Reddit that goes through all the files and steps.

While the recommendation in this piece has reportedly worked for many, there are few who have said that it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t work, you can try the developer’s official solutions for slow downloads which include restarting the app, using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, and turning off security software.

You can check out the developer’s official solutions for slow downloads by clicking here.