The Ancient Spaceship has returned to a mystery location in Fortnite for the brand new, incredibly simple Astro-Not Challenge. This tiny secret quest is easy to complete and will instantly net the player 14,000 XP, so it’s well worth taking a few seconds to complete it.

Earlier this season, a downed Ancient Ship (otherwise known as a spaceship) appeared on the Fortnite map, and players were tasked with searching for missing parts to help rebuild the ship and send its driver back on a journey into space.

Now, the ship has returned to Fortnite, but as the quest’s name, Astro-Not, suggests, its alien owner is nowhere to be seen.

Epic Games

Where to find the Ancient Spaceship in Fortnite

To complete the Astro-Not mission and find the Ancient Ship, simply head as far South as possible, to Apres Ski, near the coast between Misty Meadow and Rickety Rig.

Here you’ll find the abandoned spaceship, and Fortnite’s Astro-Not mission will kick off, then instantly conclude. The spaceship will light up, and the mission will be completed.

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You’ll be rewarded with 14,000 XP for your trouble. Considering how small and simple the Astro-Not mission is, Epic Games may well have intended this as a little tease for the future of Fortnite.

Epic Games

How the Astro-Not mission affects the story of Fortnite

With Chapter Two, Season Four of Fortnite coming later in August, it seems that the Astro-Not mission is a cheeky suggestion that an alien is somewhere on the map, hiding.

It’s likely that the alien will play a larger role in the game’s story moving forward. This entire tiny mission exists to let the player know that the friend they helped out previously has returned, and is somewhere in the wild.

What exactly this will entail remains to be seen, but there’s a good chance that the Astro-Not mission will have a larger impact on Fortnite’s next season.

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