Gavin Williamson hasn’t had the best of weeks after being forced to make a u-turn exam results – and now people are asking why does he had a whip on his desk?

In a picture released by the Press Association news agency he can be seen sitting in his office with the item prominent in the foreground.

The snap was taken after the Department for Eduction revealed GCSE and A-Level’s will now be based on teachers’ predicted grades.

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Why has Gavin Williamson got a whip on his desk?

  • Gavin Williamson was the Conservative Chief Whip from 2016 to 2017, so it has been suggested that the item is a reminder of that time.

Whips are MPs or members of the House of Lords appointed by each party to inform and organise their own members in Parliament.

As part of their role, the chief whip has to ensure that their members of their political party vote in line with party policy, explains

Several people suggested the whip was a not-so-subtle reminder to Boris Johnson of his party loyalty.

One wrote on Twitter: “‘Remember who was Chief Whip, Boris…’ Subtle as a sledgehammer”

While another added: “Forget everything else (such as the err subtle reminder he used to be chief whip), who puts a mug of tea that far away?”

What have people been saying about the whip on Twitter?

Many have been expressed their confusion at Gavin Williamson’s desk and the prominence of the whip.

Some joked others could think it was a “sexual thing”, but then suggested that it was really a thinly-veiled dig at the conservative leadership.

While others slammed him for posing in the photoshoot while millions of students are still reeling from the exam changes.

Twitter users also pointed out the lack of a computer at the Secretary’s desk, asking what was going on with the strange placement of items.

What’s the latest with the exams u-turn?

Yesterday it was revealed students will be able to use their predicted grades if they are higher than the moderated grade received, reports MailOnline.

Critics had complained about Ofqual’s algorithm which was used to make the grade adjustments for students.

The algorithm was slammed for disadvantaging students from poorer areas and benefiting those who studied in private schools.

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However Gavin refused to back Ofqual head Sally Collier in interviews on Tuesday, reports The Guardian.

When asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today show if he had confidence in her, he refused to support Ms Collier.

Instead, he said: “Well we’ve worked with Ofqual and at every stage I know that Ofqual have done absolutely everything they can do to ensure that they have fairness within the system…”

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