Indie smash hit Untitled Goose Game is getting a brand new multiplayer mode. This is good news for fans of geese, and bad news for residents of quaint English countryside villages.

Yet while the new multiplayer mode sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, Untitled Goose Game developer House House has clarified that you won’t be able to play with friends online – at least, not through traditional means.

The developer provides a few suggestions for how to work around the limitations of the new update.

Is Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer?

Untitled Goose Game will receive a multiplayer update on September 23. Bear in mind that this is couch co op only, meaning that you won’t be able to play with friends online, and there won’t be crossplay.

All of the levels will remain exactly the same – the only new addition will be the option for two players to enjoy the game at the same time. The FAQ on House House’s website makes it clear that in order to enjoy the game in two-player mode, you’ll need two controllers.

For those playing on PC (the game is also coming to Steam and, a keyboard counts as a single controller, so you’ll need a second game pad to get two people playing. Each goose can be controlled with a JoyCon, so Switch players can play the game together without the need for additional controllers.

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How to play Untitled Goose Game Online

While the new update won’t provide Untitled Goose Game with official online multiplayer support, House House has helpfully pointed to methods for PS4 and Steam players to enjoy the game online.

PlayStation’s SharePlay function with work as normal, meaning that two players will be able to connect to the same PlayStation remotely for online multiplayer fun. Steam’s Remote Play Together function will similarly allow for online multiplayer. Switch players are, alas, out of luck in this particular instance.

The multiplayer co op mode update promises to provide a whole new way to play Untitled Goose Game, as players will be able to terrorise their victims in brand new ways when the update drops on September 23.

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