TERA is one of the most famous MMORPGs available, but some fans have become anxious about its future. Battle Arena was only announced a couple of weeks ago, but just yesterday it was announced that publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing. This has resulted in fans asking whether TERA is shutting down, and here you’ll discover everything you must know.

Despite the announced closure, TERA has still been seeing content updates with the recent inclusion of new dungeons and a new charity initiative. The game has been available in North America since 2012 where it then went free-to-play in 2013, and since then it has been brought to consoles.

However, since the announcement that publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing, fans can’t stop asking: is TERA shutting down?

En Masse Entertainment is closing

En Masse Entertainment announced on August 17th that they are closing.

The announcement was made on Facebook with the following message:

“Today, it is with a heavy heart that we begin the process of discontinuing the business of En Masse Entertainment.

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Our focus in the coming weeks and months will be on our team, helping them to find new opportunities, and on our games, to ensure a seamless transition for you.

If you are in the industry and are looking for the best talent, please email [email protected]

Is TERA shutting down?

TERA is not shutting down according to En Masse Entertainment.

In addition to TERA, En Masse Entertainment also promise that Closers is not shutting down.

The Facebook post says that more news will be provided in the coming weeks, but – rest assured – support for the aforementioned games will continue.

This should be great news for those who continue to play both aforementioned titles, but make sure to follow En Masse Entertainment on Facebook to see their updates.

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