Dirty John season 2 arrived on Netflix in August and tells the story of Betty Broderick but just who plays the young version of Betty?

While Netflix is famed for its original series such as Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, the streaming service is also a great way of making US TV available for international viewers.

There have been plenty of examples of this in recent years and the latest comes in the form of Dirty John season 2 which has just arrived on the streaming service here in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

After season 1 explored the story of the titular John Meehan, season 2 takes viewers on a different adventure, this time with the notorious Betty Broderick at the heart of the story.

During the eight-episode mini-series, we are introduced to two versions of Betty, an older version as well as a young one but just who plays Young Betty in Dirty John season 2?

Dirty John Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dirty John Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dirty John season 2 on Netflix

Season 2 of Dirty John arrived on Netflix on August 14th, 2020 after the eight-episode series aired on USA Network between May and July earlier this year.

After season 1 focused on the story of John Meehan, season 2 takes a different route and tells another true-crime tale, this time detailing the life of Elisabeth ‘Betty’ Broderick.

Season 2 shows explores Betty’s relationship with her husband of 20 years, Daniel Broderick, and delves into their divorce and how she murdered not only Daniel but his new wife, Linda, as well.


Who plays Young Betty in Dirty John?

In Dirty John season 2, we’re introduced to two versions of Betty, an older and younger version.

  • Young Betty is played by Tiera Skovbye.

Tiera was born in Vancouver, Canada on May 6th, 1995, and has recently turned 25 years old.

Skovbye has been on the path to becoming an actress since an early age and made her on-screen debut at just 10 years of age.

Like many actors in the modern industry, Tiera is highly active on social media and has accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, boasting a following of over 1 million on the latter.

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Tiera Skovbye: Films and TV

As mentioned, Tiera Skovbye’s acting debut came at the age of just 10 when, in 2005, she appeared in the short film 24/7.

Since then, Tiera has gone on to appear in almost 50 acting roles with her most prominent appearances coming in the likes of Summer of ’84, Midnight Sun, Nurses, Once Upon a Time and Riverdale where she plays Polly Cooper.

Tiera Skovbye’s next role is slated to come in the film 2 Hearts which is due to release in October 2020.

Until then, Dirty John season 2, which features Tiera Skovbye as Young Betty Broderick, is available to stream now on Netflix.