Many Instagram users, including celebrities, are taking part in the new 10 for 10 challenge. It’s time to get out your gym clothes! 

The challenge actually came about back at the start of lockdown, when Covid-19 forced fitness fanatics to come up with new ways to get their workout fix after the government instructed all gyms to close. 

And, at the same time, bouts of outdoor exercise were restricted to one per day per person. So the only solution was to turn to at-home workout videos and exercise routines in a desperate attempt to maintain those hard-earned muscles.

This is where the 10 for 10 Challenge comes in – and it’s going viral again months later.

Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

What is the 10 for 10 Challenge on Instagram?

The 10 for 10 Challenge used to have a different name, the See 10 Do 10 Challenge, but it’s still exactly the same.

Instagram users must complete their own set of 10 press-ups or push-ups before nominating 10 others to join them.  

The challenge is a great way to complete a fun challenge whilst also getting some exercise at the same time.

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Some celebrities are doing the 10 for 10 Challenge

The 10 for 10 Challenge quickly swept around the world, and it wasn’t just ordinary people giving it a try. Some celebrities have been having a go too!

American singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, attempted it, but failed to complete a single press-up or push-up, simply lying on the floor and shouting: “I can’t do no push ups!” Jennifer was nominated by her gospel singer and songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard, who did just about manage 10.

Meanwhile, Carlos PenaVega, the American actor and singer had his effort sabotaged by wife, Alexa, of Spy Kids fame, who farted in her husband’s face!

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Watch rapper Quavo smash the 10 for 10 Challenge

One of the most impressive celebrity attempts so far is that of Quavo the American rapper.

You can watch his video below.

Now are you ready to give it a go? Post your attempt to Instagram – and don’t forget to tag your friends!

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