The latest comic from Adam Ellis is going viral once again, but people are now wondering who Viola Bloom actually is and whether her curse is real.

Does anyone remember those ‘chain emails’ from the early 2000, where you would have to forward some cryptic email in order to prevent some weird curse from getting you?

Well it’s 2020 and a new type of chain email curse has gone viral, but this time it’s from an online comic by the incredibly talented Adam Ellis, called Viola Bloom.

Who is Viola Bloom?

  • According to the comic, Viola Bloom was a medical caretaker and former nurse who died in the early 1900s.

Her career as a medical professional was “marked by a number of mysterious deaths, resulting in a rather sinister reputation.”

Miss Bloom’s reputation developed into “a degree of notoriety” after rumours began to spread that death was “just around the corner” if you ever let her into your home.

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Is Viola Bloom real?

  • It is highly unlikely that this particular Viola Bloom was a real person, but there is always the chance this is based on a true story…

The exact date that Viola Bloom died is missing from the ‘newspaper column’ and whilst there were 21 individuals named Viola Bloom in the 1940 U.S. Census, we think that this particular Miss Bloom must have died before the census was taken.

However, the website that Ellis describes in his comic is a real site and you can visit it yourself here. Unfortunately, the website looks to have been created just a few days ago – most likely by Ellis himself.

I couldn’t find anything on the actual image from the website using the various reverse image searches available for free…very suspicious.

Although the picture has been posted to the r/police subreddit, so expect the internet to do its usual digging for more info over the coming weeks.

Reaction to Viola Bloom…

As with any Adam Ellis comic, the reaction on social media has been amazing.

However, there are a number of fans that are a little concerned that this may not be the last they see of Viola Bloom…

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