Jamal Trulove was wrongfully convicted by Kamala Harris’ prosecutors for the tragic murder of his friend in July 2007. Despite no physical evidence of Jamal’s link to the crime, he was sentenced to 50 years to life. Jamal’s now calling on an explanation from Harris.

According to Jamal Trulove in a recent interview by VICE, Kamala Harris was present at the hearings of his case. Announcing both the verdict and the sentencing in his case. Kamala allegedly locked eyes with him briefly at one of the proceedings, and seemed to “smirk,” he said.

Jamal also told VICE that “She wanted to be present for a celebration of a conviction,” Trulove said. “That’s what it felt like—a celebration.”

Who is Jamal Trulove?

According to The Moguldom Nation Jamal Trulove is from San Francisco and was wrongfully convicted for the murder of 27-year-old friend Seu Kuka in 2007.

Jamal Trulove was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison after his friend was found with several gunshot wounds to the head. There was only one witness, Priscilla Lualemaga, who identified Jamal Trulove. Priscilla thought the friends were arguing before Jamal chased Seu and shot him down.

Jamal has been awarded a 13 million dollar settlement from the city of San Francisco after a re-trial in 2015. During the re-trial, a judge decided Trulove had been wrongfully framed by police.

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Jamal Trulove’s attorney, Alex Reisman, stated in a KQED radio interview: “When we won the acquittal for Jamal for a crime that he didn’t commit, that wasn’t really justice, that was what should have happened. But when he won this verdict, I think he feels that at least some measure of justice was done for him.”

The accused police officers are now retired, and while two of them were found to have framed Jamal, the other two were found to have done no wrong by a third-party inspector.

Jamal Trulove told VICE that being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit was his “worst nightmare”. While in prison he witnessed an fellow inmate’s murder. Seeing the man get stabbed in the stomach was “the closest thing to dying,” said Jamal.

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What is Kamala Harris’ involvement in the case?

According to CBS News Jamal Trulove was convicted by Kamala Harris’ DA’s office in 2010. At the time, Kamala Harris was running for attorney general of California.

In 2007, when Kamala Harris was San Francisco’s D.A., the city’s homicide rate hit a 14-year high. Yet according to SF Gate, seventy-five per cent of the time, no suspect was ever arrested. 

After the conviction on January 3, 2011, Kamala Harris became the first American woman of Black and South-Asian descent to serve as the attorney general for the Golden State.

Jamal explained to VICE that seeing Kamala Harris’ name on all his paperwork began to agitate him: “It’s starting to feel personal,” he exclaimed. Even though she didn’t prosecute the cases personally, “when it came to the sign-off, it felt personal.”

Jamal also stated that his problem with Kamala Harris is “the way she characterises herself and her record. If she were just straightforward, it wouldn’t be a problem,” he told Lara Bazelonin an interview for NewYork Times.

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Since getting out of jail Jamal has carried on with his acting career, appearing in the successful film The Last Black Man in San Francisco. 

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