Recently, a hashtag titled “His Name Is Alex” has circulated around TikTok, and now has over 15 million views on the app.

The hashtag originated after a video of a young transgender boy called Alex, and his mother went viral, in which she misgenders him and uses his “dead” name in an aggressive manner.

Other TikTokkers took to the app to show their support for Alex, and many called CPS as well as alerting his mother’s employer to the video.

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What is the His Name is Alex hashtag?

The hashtag arose online after a video of a cosplayer and TikTok user, known as Alex, went viral. In the video, Alex’s mother has his phone and uploaded the video online to their TikTok before deleting her son’s account.

Alex is a transgender boy, and uses the pronouns he/him. In the video, his mother misgenders him several times, and insists that other people use his deadname “D***ka” and refer to him as “she.”

The mother says: “You will address her as D***ka, or you will not address her at all. If you cannot follow her mother’s instructions, you will be removed out of her life.”

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After the video went viral, TikTok users have been showing their support for Alex by making videos spreading awareness and using the hashtag “hisnameisalex.”

What is happening now?

A petition was started by Gabby Jackson, with the aim of raising awareness, and getting justice for Alex. The petition has now reached over 140 thousand signatures and the “hisnameisalex” hashtag has 15 million views on TikTok.

The organiser of the petition, Gabby Jackson, posted an update on August 15th, announcing that Alex’s mother has been fired from her job at Hungry Bear. They wrote:

“Regarding the recent actions of one of our (now terminated) former employees: We heard and responded to the concerns. Their actions never had our support, we definitely wouldn’t condone that behaviour, and not sure why anyone would think that we would. Once it was reported to us we took action. We have done everything we can in this situation and now we just hope and pray that we can remain open. These are already troubled times for restaurants and small businesses. The negative reviews, because of someone outside of our business, are damaging our reputation and ability to operate. We hope for the continued support of the local community, and to not lose our new business.”

Gabby also said: “Lastly, CPS is now involved. There is a case opened to hopefully get Alex out of this toxic household, and into a home where he is accepted and safe.”

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