The Dark Knight is returning to Fortnite, as Batman skins go back on sale. The Caped Crusader Pack delivers quite the punch for anyone who’s a fan of DC’s most popular hero (sorry, Superman).

A previous Batman x Fortnite event allowed players to get their hands on two Bruce Wayne skin, and now, these versions of the hero are to be on sale again. The Caped Crusader Pack provides both a comic book accurate Batman, and one based on the costume from The Dark Knight, as worn by Christian Bale.

This, though, isn’t all that’s included in the pack. Players are in for a definite treat if they help themselves to this DC themed bundle.

How to get the Batman skins in Fortnite

To get both the comic book and Dark Knight Batman Skins in Fortnite, you’ll need to purchase the Caped Crusader Pack bundle from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Be aware that this costs real money, and cannot be purchased with V-Bucks. It was previously on sale for $19.99 USD when it was last available, but if internet rumours can be believed, the price may be slightly lower this time.

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Inside Fortnite’s Caped Crusader Pack, you’ll find the Batman Comic Book Skin and Dark Knight Movie skin, as well as back blings for both of them. The pack also contains the Batman pickaxe and the Batman glider.

When will the Batman Caped Crusader Pack go back on sale?

Epic Games hasn’t given a specific date for the return of the Caped Crusader Pack, but as some players have spotted it appearing in the Item Shop, its rollout seems to be imminent.

What’s more, it’s been noted that the price has dropped slightly to $15.99. This is likely in an effort to line the bundle up with the drop in the cost of V-Bucks that occurred this week.

For fans of Batman, or DC comics in general, another chance to get the Fortnite Caped Crusader Pack and its skins is going to be very tempting. It’s a shame that the pack costs real money, but, then, Batman’s super power is cash, so this sort of makes sense.