Lizzo has been “cancelled” on Twitter after a video surfaced of her pretending to grab Harry Styles’ butt. One Direction fans are using the trending hashtag #LizzoIsOverParty .

Lizzo and Harry Styles have been friends for some time now, but their close relationship has created a divide between Lizzo fans and Directioners.

One Direction fans are attempting to “cancel” Lizzo and her music after they believe she has been disrespectful to Harry. Here’s the “Juice” on what went down.

Why is Lizzo “cancelled”?

A video has surfaced on Twitter from what looks like January 2020, featuring Harry Styles and Lizzo on stage singing her hit song ‘Juice’.

At the start of the video, Lizzo is seen pretending to grab Harry’s butt. This has caused outrage on Twitter, with users attempting to “cancel” Lizzo for allegedly sexualising Harry without his consent.

People are ranting on Twitter about Lizzo and saying her “non-consensual” behaviour is unacceptable.

Some Twitter users also have a problem with another video, where Lizzo is eating a popsicle and grooving to Harry, a behaviour which they believe to be “predatory.”

The singers are just friends!

Back in February, Lizzo playfully joked that she had “collaborated” with Harry Styles which sparked rumours that they had slept together. To debunk these rumours, Lizzo made it clear she and Harry just have a fun, flirty friendship.

It’s dangerous to label Lizzo as “predatory”, as it disparages everything she stands for. The artist has, in the past, spoken openly about her sexuality and that is why people stan her.

Not to mention the playful encounter was most likely choreographed for them and rehearsed before the show. Therefore the whole drama could have just been a consensual dance routine.

Lizzo fans hit back at the #LizzoIsOverParty trend

It is clear after watching the video that Harry also pretends to grab Lizzo back in a playful skit. Therefore, some Lizzo fans are pointing out that the Lizzo hate is coming from a place of racism and misogyny.

Thankfully most people have taken to Twitter to defend Lizzo by saying that “cancel culture” has gone too far.

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