Mr Beast has shocked fans once again with another extravagant stunt. This time he’s bought a whole island! But where exactly is it?

Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as Mr Beast, is known for his crazy challenge videos and expensive stunts, and his latest one is better than ever.

The YouTuber has actually bought a whole island, and he’s giving it away as a prize to one of the volunteers who was helping him rifle through $1,000,000 worth of lottery tickets in his previous video.

But where actually is the tropical island?

Mr Beast buys an island for $730,000

In his latest YouTube video, Mr Beast reveals that he has just bought a real island for $730,000!

In the video, he walks around the island and shows his followers exactly what’s on it. There’s a beach, a jungle, and a cave and even wild pigs.

It’s nearly 4 football fields long and has been named ‘Jeff’ by Mr Beast himself.

Where is Mr Beast’s Island?

The island that Mr Beast bought is called Golding Cay, and it’s in The Bahamas. It is 3.4 acres in size and is described as a “great little island offered at a fantastic price”.

It’s located just north of Russell Island and is only 10 minutes by boat from the fishing village Spanish Wells, giving the island easy access to any supplies and maintenance needs and even restaurants.

Golding Cay is also close to North Eleuthera International Airport.

View the island here.

He’s actually giving the island away

In Mr Beast’s previous video, he bought $1,000,000 worth of lottery tickets and added together all of his winnings. Overall, he actually ended up losing out on money, gaining back $720,000 in winnings from his $1,000,000 spent on lottery tickets.

With the $720,000 winnings, he revealed that he would buy the island, which he would then give away to one of the volunteers that were helping him scan all the lottery tickets.

The ten volunteers will compete on the island, and the winner would get to keep it. Stay posted to Mr Beast’s channel as he will reveal the winner next week!

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