Cardi B has just released her new track with Megan Thee Stallion, and some fans are a little confused over the title.

Social media is flooded with fans talking about Cardi and Megan’s new track ‘WAP’, and it’s certainly had a great reaction. Plus everyone’s loving the music video which features a very special guest!

But there’s one thing that some people are a bit confused about – what does ‘WAP’ actually mean?

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Cardi B just released a new song

Cardi B took to social media yesterday (August 7th) to reveal the release of her latest track ‘WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper posted a picture of the track artwork and wrote: “New VINYL OUT NOW ON MY WEBSITE !!! Go Go now! Link in bio.”

Cardi and Megan also went live on YouTube to celebrate the new song release, and fans are going crazy for it.

But some have been left a little confused, thinking what does the song title ‘WAP’ stand for?

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What does ‘WAP’ mean?

  • WAP is an acronym for wet a*s p*ssy’.

In an interview before the track release, Cardi revealed exactly what the acronym ‘WAP’ stands for. The whole song has sexual connotations, and ‘WAP’ is short for ‘wet a*s p*ssy’.

Cardi said: “The song is really nasty. The song always been nasty.” Then, she even admitted that the song was “really hard to clean up”.

‘WAP’ comes in both an explicit and a non-explicit version.

Fans go crazy for the music video

It’s not just the song lyrics that everyone is going crazy for either, with the music video also dropped just three hours ago.

The video features Cardi and Megan dancing together, but half way through there is an exciting appearance from none other than Kylie Jenner.

The Kardashian sister flaunts a leopard print bodysuit and a pair of thigh high leopard boots as she walks down a long hallway, and fans are going crazy for the surprise guest.

The explicit song lyrics get some strange responses

With a song title ‘wet a*s p*ssy’, you can obviously image what kind of themes the song is going to contain. Cardi B is known to often talk about s*x in her songs, and it’s definitely nothing new.

But WAP has still gained some backlash for its sexual nature, especially from political writer Ben Shapiro. On his Daily Wire show, Shapiro read out the lyrics of ‘WAP’ and reacted to its explicitness.

He was definitely shocked to say the least, but what his wife said about the song was even funnier. He tweeted: “My only real concern is that the women involved — who apparently require a ‘bucket and mop’ — get the medical care they require.”

Then he goes on to say that his doctor wife diagnoses the women in the lyrics of wap with “bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or trichomonis.”

Cardi B’s lyrics were of course supposed to be sexually explicit in nature, and certainly not taken so literally!

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