Lots of TikTok users are changing their profile picture to a random image of a monkey – but what does it actually mean?

Have you ever been looking through the comments on a TikTok video and you suddenly realise that loads of people have exactly the same profile picture? It happens all the time, and it’s really bizarre.

The latest big TikTok trend is to change your profile picture to a photo of a black and white monkey, and everyone seems to be doing it – but why?

Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Monkey profile pictures take over TikTok

If you’ve been on TikTok over the past few days, you may have noticed that an abnormal number of people all have the same profile picture.

The image is a black and white drawing of a monkey, and it been dominating TikTok.

Many social media users have coined the term ‘monkey pfp’ for anybody who uses the image – pfp is an abbreviation for ‘profile picture’.


Everyone who has a monkey pfp comment 🐒 #monkey

♬ 100k on the coupe rakeenking – rakeenking

TikTok users are really confused

The monkey trend went viral in a record-breaking amount of time. Usually, trends take a while to get enough traction to actually be noticed – but not with this one.

The number of people on TikTok with the monkey profile picture became so widespread, that people began to get really confused.

So what does it actually mean?

What does the monkey profile picture actually mean?

Many TikTok users are alleging that the monkey profile picture was being used as a symbol for a pedophile group. This theory began gaining a lot of attention, and TikTok users started making videos warning others about the meaning of the symbol. However, it seems that this theory has simply been made up as an internet joke, and doesn’t actually have any validity.

Profile picture trends begin on TikTok all the time. A few people start using the same photo, and then others copy, and before you know it it’s gone completely viral and everyone is joining in on the trend, simply just copying what everyone else is doing.

It happened a few months ago when a girl made a viral TikTok group called the Step Chickens, and demanded that everyone change their profile picture to a strange blue girl.

What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. Profile picture groups are just another bizarre and pointless social media trend that gain lots of attention online and go viral as TikTok users try to confuse other TikTok users. And it certainly works!

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