The ‘I turn polar bears white’ riddle has dumfounded social media but just what is the real answer to this tricky teaser?

Thanks to the lockdown measures put in place around the world earlier this year to help combat the spread of Covid-19, we’ve all been stuck at home much more than usual.

As a result, many of us have had to search for new ways of keeping ourselves entertained.

And while Netflix and Disney+ have proven to be two hugely popular methods, a huge amount of people have been looking for more engaging ways to fill their time.

This has seen a huge array of riddles and brain teasers flood social media over the past few months and one of the most recent has left many dumfounded.

The riddle in question is the ‘I turn polar bears white’ riddle but it’s a teaser that has left many scratching their heads.

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Riddle: I turn a polar bear white?

The ‘I turn polar bears white’ riddle is a complicated one and is as follows:

I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry.

I make guys have to pee and girls comb their hair.

I make celebrities look stupid and normal people look like celebrities.

I turn pancakes brown and make your champagne bubble.

If you squeeze me, I’ll pop. If you look at me, you’ll pop.

Can you guess the riddle?

At first glance, this riddle is puzzling one but the answer is staring you in the face.

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Answer: Can you guess the riddle?

Apparently, the answer to the ‘I turn polar bears white’ riddle is:

  • No – as in ‘No, I can’t guess the riddle.’

This answer is derived from the very last line in the question which asks ‘can you guess the riddle?’ and with the information available you being unable to.

Does the ‘I turn polar bears white’ riddle have a ‘real’ answer?

The riddle itself is a puzzling one and according to some has no real answer.

However, this hasn’t stopped people from trying to work out a ‘proper’ answer with many supposing that the true answer is time.

Our best guess for the ‘real’ answer to this riddle, though, would be water.

This is because a dirty polar bear would be cleaned and turned white by water, guys have to pee after drinking water and girls have to brush their hair to stop it going frizzy after getting it wet.

Celebrities look stupid by getting wet and normal people look like celebrities after appearing on TV shows with lots of water like Ninja Warrior or Total Wipeout and, of course, water balloons pop if you squeeze them too hard.

The only thing going against this answer are the lines in the riddle about ‘turning pancakes brown and making champagne bubble’ and ‘if you look at me, you’ll pop.’

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