Caroline Hirons is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician. She has spent her career developing bespoke facials and training teams for top brands.

On her YouTube channel, Caroline uploaded a video on August 13th revealing her Summer kit.

Caroline has over 200 thousand YouTube subscribers, who were over the moon to finally see the finished Summer kit.

When was the summer kit revealed?

The Summer kit was revealed on Caroline’s YouTube channel on August 13th 2020.

Originally, there wasn’t going to be a Summer kit, just one in Spring and one in Autumn, but fans demanded a summer one.

Caroline said the kit will contain an “even better ebook this time” which will help buyers understand what is “suitable” for them and what products they “can and can’t use.”

How much are the kits and where can I buy them?

There are two Summer kits available. Kit 1 contains 11 products and has a retail value of £462.50. Tt will be on sale for £225, which gives you a saving of around 52%.

Kit 2 contains 9 products and has a retail value of £507.50. This kit will be on sale for £245, which is a saving of around 52%.

The website states:

“UK orders will start to ship on 19th August. Due to safe spacing still in operation at the warehouse, we ship the UK kits first, before we move to international.”

“International kits will start to ship at the latest, w/c 7th September, but our warehouse are the best in the business and I highly suspect we will start to ship to you earlier than that, as we did with the Spring Kits.”

Caroline will also be uploaded The How-To videos which will be up w/c Monday 17th. She said: “I look forward to seeing you all at the Meet the Brands LIVE on the 14th from 4pm.”

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