Fans call for Panic! at the Disco lead, Brendon Urie, to address some recent sexual misconduct allegations against him and his security guard Zack Hall. This is the lowdown on why #BrendonUrieSpeakUp is trending.

Brendon Urie, 33, is the controversial lead vocalist of indie band Panic! at the Disco. According to Meaww, Urie has reportedly made racist, misogynist, transphobic, and ableist comments in the past. 

More recently, Urie and his bodyguard Zack Hall have been accused of sexual misconduct by people speaking out on Twitter. This is why ‘Brendon Urie Speak up’ is trending.

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‘Brendon Urie Speak up’ explained

Brendon Urie is being called out for instances of alleged sexually inappropriate behaviour. The Twitter users speaking out are mostly Panic! at the Disco fans who feel the singer took advantage of his stardom.

Twitter user @kam02700814 shared the experience he had with Brendon back in 2009, in a since-deleted tweet. According to Kam, Brendon knew his fan was a minor at the time.

Urie allegedly asked Kam if he’d ever made out with a man before and supposedly told his fan that he himself had tried it with a member of P!atD.

Kam goes on to claim that Urie attempted to touch his thigh, at which point he allegedly ran away and felt ‘creeped out’ and ‘disgusted’.

This Twitter thread helpfully explains the accusations people are making against Brendon Urie.

Many of these Twitter users aren’t hating on Brendon. They are simply calling on him to clear up the allegations. The band’s silence regarding the issue is causing more drama online as people anxiously wait for answers.

Many die-hard fans are disappointed with their favourite band and regret wasting their time listening to and ‘”worshipping” their music.

On the other hand, if the allegations turn out to be true, some fans could be in denial, like this user, who claims they are “fed up with the fabricated stories.”

Brendon’s bodyguard Zack Hall is also under fire

Now Panic! At The Disco fans are moving forward with accounts of sexual misconduct against Brendon’s bodyguard, Zack Hall. They are using the hashtag #firezackhall to make the issue viral and eventually get Zack fired from his job.

Even the wife of bassist Dallon Weekes has allegedly put up with Hall’s sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the past.

‘Breezy’ Weekes replied to a tweet about Zach, stating:

“I’m so sorry this happened to you, I can relate. I had to put up with sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior from him for almost a decade. I had no choice but to tolerate it and keep my mouth shut so that Dallon could keep his job.” 

One fan has created a summary of what everyone’s problem with Zack Hall is.

Another fan made a YouTube video breaking down why Zack Hall needs to be exposed online, in hopes to get Zach fired from his job as the band’s security guard.

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