After a video of a homeless man who shares a resemblance with the rapper Stormzy went viral, the internet quickly rallied together to set up a GoFundMe.

Akwasi, the man in the video, was filmed at Liverpool Street Station, and the video was uploaded onto Twitter by Najma Abdilahi, (who goes by the username Stella), who has been leading the support for Akwasi.

Over 23 thousand pounds has now been raised for Akwasi, and Najma has been sharing regular updates to keep people informed.

Read on to find out more.

Who is the Stormzy look-alike?

The story began when Twitter user, Najma, posted a TikTok on Twitter of a homeless man on Liverpool Street, who was dubbed ‘Stormzy’s look-alike.”

In the TikTok, a man walks up to the homeless man and says “I listen to all your song.”

The man responds: “I just look like him bro, I just look like him.”

The TikTokker replies with: “You’re not Stormzy?” and hands him a 5p coin. He tells him: “Hold the likkle change.”

Najma captioned the video: “This man is too innocent. My heartttttt,” and stated that the man who recorded the video was “weird” for how he acted.

The homeless man in the video was revealed to be called Akwasi, and is from Ghana. Najma began a GoFundMe for Akwasi, and wrote: “He’s homeless so this money is going towards helping him get back on his feet and hopefully be the kickstart he needs for the future.”

You can donate here.

What has happened since?

Najma updated followers shortly after posting the link to a GoFundMe, saying: “Twitter really did it’s thing. People are giving clothes, Accommodations and willing to hire him. I love this.”

Since being posted, the GoFundMe has now raised over 23 thousand pounds, in less than a day.

Najma later uploaded a video of Akwasi thanking everyone for their support. In the video he said: ” My name is Akwasi, I’m 29 years old. I really appreciate all the help and support I’m getting, thanks a lot Stella and I hope to see you guys soon. Respect, God bless.”

Fans were over the moon when Najma tweeted something very exciting. She said that Stormzy’s manager “just got in touch.”

Amber Rose Gill, winner of Love Island 2019, also tweeted her support for Akwasi.