Marvel’s Avengers recently had its pre-order beta on PlayStation 4, and some impressions gathered from its early access is that the game isn’t the Destiny clone many people fear. PS4 loyalists who didn’t partake in the original demo will be able to participate in the newly released one tomorrow, as will Xbox One and PC users. But, is the Avengers beta free on Xbox One and PC? Here you’ll discover everything you must know including how to redeem your code if you pre-ordered a physical copy.

For those who plan to play on computer, the good news is that the system requirements for the demo aren’t too strenuous. This means that people on all platforms shouldn’t have any issues sampling the game tomorrow or during its final dates later in the month.

The demo will be a good opportunity for you to sample the game and see what it’s all about, and below you’ll discover whether the Avengers beta is free on Xbox One and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Is the Marvel Avengers beta free on Xbox One and PC?

No, the Marvel’s Avengers beta is not free on Xbox One and PC.

There will be a free beta for Xbox One and PC users later in the month, but there is a required fee for the Avengers beta on August 14th.

This is because you need to pre-order the game on your respective platform in order to participate in tomorrow’s demo.

That is unless you’re a PlayStation 4 user in which case tomorrow’s beta is free because the closed one took place on August 7th.

If you don’t want to pre-order the game to sample its mechanics and gameplay, know that there will be a free beta for all platforms on August 21st.

How to redeem beta code for the Avengers game

You will need to have pre-ordered a physical copy of the Avengers game on Xbox One to redeem a beta code.

This beta code should have been sent to your email by the retailer who you purchased the Avengers game from, and you simply need to head over to Square Enix’s redemption page to redeem the key.

A Square Enix members account is required, and if you don’t have a key you will need to contact the retailer.

The closed pre-order beta for Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox One and PC starts on August 14th and lasts until the 16th.

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