A community on Reddit is revolting against their mods after the word ‘Trap’ was banned for being transphobic, despite having context within the anime world.

Over the past week, the r/Animemes subreddit has imploded on itself after the word ‘Trap’ was banned by the moderators of the community.

The r/Animemes war has been raging for a few days now, here is a brief breakdown of what happened and how the community reacted to the ban.

What happened on r/Animemes?

Earlier this week, mods on the r/Animemes subreddit announced an update to their extended rule set, specifically ‘Rule 5: Be Nice’.

This rule provides guidelines for appropriate language and provides a general standard for the community, generally known as ‘reddiquette’, which includes sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic content.

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The recent update to this rule announced that the word ‘Trap’ would now be banned on the r/Animemes subreddit.

Why did ‘Trap’ get banned?

The word ‘Trap’ has been banned on r/Animemes because the mod team deemed it as a slur against transsexual individuals that fall under the offensive comment section of Rule 5.

“The offensive nature of the word lies in the implication that individuals are trying to trick (“trap”) others and by extension are not valid in how they present their gender.” – r/Animemes statement.

The statement goes on to state that the use of the term ‘Trap’ can “often results in the erasure of trans people and dismissal of their validity.”

How is the subreddit reacting?

Whilst no one within the community would argue against the enforcement of transphobic comments or slurs, the issue is that the word ‘trap’ has a context within the anime community.

The term ‘Trap’ has historically been used within the anime and/or manga context in reference to a fictional character who is depicted with features that are aesthetically similar to that of another gender – something extremely common with these stories.

However, within this specific context of anime, the vast majority of people in the community do not consider the word ‘Trap’ to be a slur and very few have ever used it with intention of being offensive.

Understandably, many members of the r/Animemes community were not happy with this new update and the front page was quickly filled with memes mocking the mod team. Now, several days later, the subreddit continues to be in open revolt.

Although it is worth noting that the mod team for r/Animemes have made an official statement on the matter which has appeased many users.

“As many of you have pointed out, our update was rushed, mismanaged and seemingly arrived out of the blue. Some of our team have also made unwarranted and unfair comments about the critics of the change. It is clear that we have betrayed the trust that you placed in us as moderators, and we are truly sorry.” r/Animemes mods.

Whilst the discussion surrounding the banning and the moderation of the r/Animemes subreddit continues, if we are being honest, some of the memes are just glorious.

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