The Last Of Us Part 2 is arguably the most divisive PlayStation 4 exclusive, but – regardless of whether you love or hate its story – you may wish to return to its hellish landscape sooner than you thought. This is because permadeath, Grounded mode, and cheats are all being added. And, if you cannot wait to brave permadeath, and enable cheats such as infinite ammo, here you’ll discover when update 1.03 is scheduled to come out.

When it was initially released, The Last Of Us Part 2 was heavily review bombed on Metacritic for various reasons. Some hated the game from day one because of false rumours about Abby being transgender, meanwhile some people simply hated that she was masculine and/or that you had to play as her. Not to mention she also killed one of gaming’s finest characters which made it hard to like her regardless of how many times she petted and played ball with her dog.

While the reasons for hating Abby varied from intolerable to legitimate gripes, no patch will remove the forced requirement of playing as her for the same amount of time as Ellie. Yet, with permadeath and cheats all being added, you may still wish to return to Naughty Dog’s sequel when update 1.03 comes out.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

When does update 1.03 come out for The Last Of Us Part 2?

Update 1.03 will come out for The Last Of Us Part 2 on August 13th.

No update time has been provided, but patch 1.03 for The Last Of Us Part 2 will be released and come out tomorrow.

The patch will add fresh trophies, a new gameplay mode, and some unique features, and this all includes Grounded mode, permadeath, and cheats.

There’s no mention of how large the update size will be for PS4 users, but hopefully it won’t be too big.

What is permadeath in The Last Of Us Part 2?

Permadeath is a custom mode in The Last Of Us Part 2.

It will be added to the game via tomorrow’s update 1.03, and with permadeath enabled you’ll have to start The Last Of Us Part 2 over whenever you die.

While the prospect of playing the game from beginning to end without dying seems impossible, Naughty Dog have gone slightly easy on players by enabling checkpoints.

For example, if you die at the end of Day One, you can play the entire day all over again rather than starting off from the very beginning in the cold mountains.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for full details on permdeath, Grounded mode, and all the cheats and modifications being added.