With the latest update to GTA Online, Solomon Richards has a new mission for players that involves tracking down a series of movie props from across the GTA map in order to earn the Space Interloper outfit.

Some of these items are easier to find than others, but there’s no denying it: the quest would be an awful lot easier if there were a simple list of locations for players to use in their hunt.

Luckily, thanks to the power of the internet, fans have already compiled a full list of all the movie props hidden across the GTA map. Below is a guide to everywhere to look to complete Solomon’s movie prop mission.

Where to find all of Solomon’s movie props in GTA Online

According to Redditor Mackofi, Solomon’s movie props can be found at the following locations across the GTA map:

  • Strip club back room
  • Lester’s Garment factory (vehicle)
  • Market street next to theater and bus depot (vehicle)
  • Left of Solomon’s office when exiting (near a trash can)
  • Near the Epsilon building (vehicle)
  • Cannibal Camp
  • Paleto Bay (near two purchasable houses) (vehicle)
  • Zancudo Control Tower
  • Alien Hippy Camp
  • House behind cheapest clubhouse
  • Casino Restrooms (right one)

Some of these movie props can be found out in the open, while many can instead be found in many of the vehicles scattered across the GTA map. Some players have reported that the vehicle props only spawn at certain times, so if an item isn’t present, it’s worth coming back to check again later.

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How to get the Space Interloper outfit

You can take the movie props to Solomon individually, or you can spend a few hours playing GTA Online, collect them all in one go, and present them to him as a full collection.

Either way, your reward will be the same: $50,000, and the coveted Space Interloper outfit.

This is the perfect reward for cruising around in GTA Online if you want to look like a green alien, and a fitting prize for your work collecting a series of movie props from across the map.

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