After a muted initial release earlier in the year, The Lost Husband has arrived on Netflix in the US but just where was the movie filmed?

Do you ever wish you could just ditch all of your modern technology, move out into the middle of nowhere and start a new life on a farm?

Well, The Lost Husband gives its viewers an idea of just what that might be like as the film’s protagonist, Libby Moran, leaves city life behind after the death of her husband and moves to her Aunt Jean’s ranch.

There is plenty of stunning countryside scenery in The Lost Husband but just where was the movie filmed?

The Lost Husband

The Lost Husband is the latest film release from the independent Six Foot Pictures and originally released in April 2020, just the Covid-19 pandemic really took hold across the globe.

Now, the film has arrived on Netflix in the US, bringing The Lost Husband to a much wider audience.

The Lost Husband, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Katherine Center, follows Libby Moran (Leslie Bibb) after the sudden and tragic death of her husband which leaves her and their two children homeless.

After a short spell living with her overly-critical mother, Libby is offered an unexpected escape route by her eccentric Aunt Jean as she offers Libby a job and a home at her goat farm in Texas.

Once there, Libby is forced to get used to the strenuous life of a farmhand but in the process, meets the shaggy but handsome farm manager James O’Connor (Josh Duhamel).

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Where was The Lost Husband filmed?

  • The Lost Husband was filmed in several locations throughout Texas.

For film fans who are sticklers for authenticity, The Lost Husband meets expectations as the movie was filmed where it’s actually set.

The city of Austin, the state capital of Texas, served as a central location with a number of small towns surrounding the city featuring heavily to give it that rural feel.

These other filming locations used in The Lost Husband include Wimberley, Round Top, Bartlett, Driftwood, Elgin, Hempstead and Houston, according to IMDb.

Six Foot Pictures

Other films shot in Austin

Austin has long been a popular location for film crews and a number of big-name productions have filmed in and around the city for decades.

The most recent high-profile movie shot in Austin was 2019’s Alita Battle Angel.

However, beyond that, Bird Box, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Sin City, 2010’s True Grit, both versions of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Boyhood, Chef and Transformers: Age of Extinction were all filmed in Austin.

The Lost Husband, filmed on location in Texas, is now available to stream on Netflix in the US after arriving on the streaming service on August 10th, 2020.