Since lockdown, there’s been a surge in demand for dogs. The new trend is for people to get adorable puppies imported from overseas although there are growing concerns as to the safety and amount of furry friends being imported into the UK.

This issue is about to be debated in parliament as the foreign designer dog farming has become a massive issue in the United Kingdom.

Instagram accounts advertise their puppies who are sometimes raised in awful conditions and detached from their mothers too early.

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What is the Ban Puppy Imports Petition?

  • Ban puppy imports is a petition created to stop puppies from being imported from overseas. The petition was created by dog-lover Lucy Parkinson and has over 106,700 signatures.

This desperation for puppies means they’re being sourced from irresponsible breeders. Puppy farming has become a problem as when bought from overseas the puppies can’t be seen interacting with their mother and litter.

Instead, they are couriered in cruel conditions and usually have problems following this trauma.

BBC Breakfast’s #banpuppyimports

This morning, August 11th, BBC Breakfast interviewed TV vet Mark Abraham to find out about the hashtag that has taken Twitter by storm #banpuppyimports. The hashtag trended on Twitter to help raise awareness for the petition and get more signs.

Earlier this year Lucy’s Law was passed in England, which saw the end of third-party puppy sales as buyers now have to purchase animals directly from the breeder.

This was a 10-year campaign which is finally in place, but now people are sourcing animals from overseas the #banpuppyimports petition has been raised.

The petition was inspired by Love island couple Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Furry, Molly-Mae was gifted a four and a half-month-old Pomeranian for her 21st birthday as a gift from her boyfriend.

The puppy brought over to the U.K from Russia was called ‘Mr Chai’ and died just six days after it arrived.

The petition is asking the government to raise the age to six months before puppies can be transported, therefore puppies will be less desirable and puppy farming won’t be in high demand as it is unethical and immoral.

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