You’re not going to want to miss this new challenge. It involves TikTok users giving waiters huge tips – and the videos are really emotional to watch.

Venmo was founded in 2009 as a digital wallet that allows you to make and share payments with friends. Little did they know, over 10 years later it would become the basis for a viral TikTok challenge.

The challenge sees TikTok users grouping together to really change someone’s day by giving them a huge sum of money, and the trend perfectly how social media can be used positively.

What is the Venmo Challenge?

A new TikTok challenge is going viral, and this one’s all about giving back to food servers.

The Venmo Challenge sees TikTok users asking their followers to donate small amount of money into a specific Venmo account.

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Then, when the account has reached a certain amount, usually $1,000, the TikToker will take that money and give it to a waiter or waitress.

Who started the Venmo Challenge?

The challenge was started by a TikTok user called Lexy Kadey, who has almost 700,000 followers on her account @LexyLately. In her bio, she calls herself a “serial tipper”, and her Venmo Challenge videos have gone viral.

She started the challenge back in May and has since donated money to 35 different food servers.

Lexy also has a YouTube channel where she has started posting compilations of all the Venmo Challenge videos.

Social media users love the TikTok Venmo Challenge

Many people have taken to Twitter to express how much they love the Venmo Challenge.

One Twitter user said: “The venmo challenge on tiktok is the best thing to ever come out of that app. I hope it never stops it’s so amazing.”

Another said: “I just found the “Venmo receipient challenge” on TikTok that Lexy Kady started. My faith in humanity just shot up. My whole dang day is made.”

Some have criticised the challenge, claiming that people are only doing it to try and increase their TikTok followers, however most agree that the videos are a positive contribution to society and the perfect use of social media.

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