The ‘Binod’ meme has taken social media by storm. At first, it left people scratching their heads but now it has them laughing. This strange meme has gone viral on Twitter in India and this is why.

The word ‘Binod’ has dominated social media and has brought joy to the world after a very challenging year for everyone, even major co-operations have hopped on the trend.

People are confused where the meme originates from, so here’s the tea.

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Who started the ‘Binod’ meme?

  • Gautami Kawale made up the ‘Binod’ meme.

It started by an Indian YouTube channel called Slayy Point. The channel was founded by Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale and has over 2.43 million subscribers.

Who is ‘Binod’?

Binod himself has an account on YouTube but no videos and his only use of the platform is to comment his name under videos – simple yet effective!

The Youtube video is titled: ‘Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD).’

In the video, they went through some of the Indian comments on their videos but none of them stuck like ‘Binod’ did!

‘Binod’ is now Trending!

As the video went viral so did the memes, social media posts were flooded with repetitive comments of ‘Binod’, it may have been annoying but everyone found it hilarious!

Major companies such as PayTm, Netflix and Tinder have now joined the ‘Binod’ meme trend!

One Twitter user called @GabbbarSingh, asked PayTm to change their Twitter username to ‘Binod’. They instantly changed their name and got thousands of hits, sadly they’ve changed it back now but we can see why!

India was taken over by ‘Binod’, even the Disney+ streaming site got in on the meme!

Netflix India admitted that they had their own ‘Binod’ user Armaan, who has commented the same thing on every tweet of theirs for the past year!

Finally the well-known dating app, Tinder, confirmed for us that ‘Binod’ was on Tinder!

Although Binod himself hasn’t spoken out on his new-found celebrity status, Mumbai Police are hoping his name isn’t the only thing that he can type!

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