Gamers are becoming frustrated with the lack of information around Strucid Chapter 2, but what date does the game release?

The hype and anticipation for Strucid chapter 2 is amazing and it’s pretty obvious how passionate the community is for the upcoming title.

However, many gamers are still confused as to when Strucid chapter 2 will actually come out.

When is Strucid chapter 2 coming out?

  • At the time of writing, the release date for Strucid chapter 2 has not yet been officially announced.

This lack of information concerning when Strucid chapter 2 has been frustrating many fans, especially with the amount of fake ‘leaks’ and rumours on social media.

Twitter, Redditt and Discord have been awash with videos and posts claiming that they have exclusive or official information about the release date for Strucid chapter 2.

However, none of these rumours are true and we don’t have an official release date for chapter 2, as per the game’s creator.

We will be updating this page as soon as anything is officially confirmed, so keep checking back in.

Strucid 2: New map announced…

  • On August 7, we got an official thumbnail artwork for Strucid chapter 2 from one of the game’s developers on Twitter.

However, more details on the new map are pretty scarce for the time being. All we know is that new visuals, mechanics and features are being implemented, so expect chapter 2 to be a good improvement from the first chapter.

Again, we will be updating this page with more information as soon as it gets officially confirmed, so keep checking back in.

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