DC’s Stargirl has only just concluded on The CW, but fans are already wondering if and when the hit series will return for season 2.

Between Titans, Doom Patrol and now Stargirl, the next generation of shows originating in the DC Universe is extremely fun for fans of the franchise.

Even before Stargirl premiered in May, the show’s characters had already been established thanks to crossovers as a parallel Earth to the Arrowverse.

Season 1 of Stargirl may have only just concluded on The CW, but fans are already curious as to when they can expect a second season to be released.  

Stargirl renewal status…

  • It’s good news for fans of DC’s Stargirl, the series has been renewed for a second season.

There was concern that Stargirl would not be renewed for a second season because the official viewing figures for DC Universe were not made available – making it difficult to predict the future of the show.

Thankfully, the official renewal of the series was announced back in July 2020, a good few weeks before tonight’s premiere, so it’s obviously done pretty well in terms of viewership.

Stargirl moving to The CW…

  • Stargirl is officially moving homes and season 2 will be an exclusive series on The CW.

The news that Stargirl would be moving from DC Universe and becoming a The CW original series caught many fans off-guard, especially those who subscribe to the DC Universe platform.

However, from a production standpoint, it makes sense to me. The CW is a growing network and are looking to bolster their package of exclusive series as quickly as possible to grow their dedicated viewership.

Stargirl season 2 release date…

  • An official release date for Stargirl season 2 has not been revealed, but we expect a summer-2021 premiere.

The first season was ordered in July 2018, with filming starting in March 2019 and the premiere in May 2020. This indicates a 12 – 18-month production cycle, which would put the second season at premiering in the fall of 2021.

However, with the show becoming an exclusive for The CW, we could see production being streamlined more for the second season, meaning a summer premiere is more realistic.

We will keep this page updated as soon as new information is officially confirmed, so keep checking back in.  

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