My name is Darcy and I have completed pretty much every fast and fun fitness challenge on TikTok and YouTube. The new TikTok ‘ab clock’ exercise was another core-crushing challenge I was game to try – and this is what I thought of it!

Since quarantine TikTok became the hub for finding quick and easy workout challenges to burn off that banana bread, but let me assure you this challenge was not easy.

Quite frankly, the “ab clock exercise” should come with a warning, it should only be tried by fitness gurus such as Kayla Itsines or TikTok queen Malin Mall.

Those influencers seemed to complete the challenge with such ease and grace, but for me – it was a whole other story.

Preparing for the TikTok challenge

Unfortunately, I don’t have a gym in my house which would provide me with pull up bars, but what I do have is a local park with monkey bars. So off I went to kick the kids off the monkey bars and dangle from them in an attempt to complete this challenge.

The aim is to hoist yourself from the nearest pull-up bar and hit each hour of the clock with pointed toes whilst holding that position in time to the music, which is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

The song is apt; the workout is hard, you will get better with practice, maybe not faster and after completing this your arms and core will definitely be stronger.

How to do the ‘Ab Clock Challenge’

First of all stretch out, I know it’s only a TikTok challenge but I can confirm that the difficulty level is off the scale, nevertheless, you have to try it because you might surprise yourself.

Next, try and dead hang from the rig, just to get used to hanging and holding your weight, trust me your arms will be burning but it’s best not to go straight into the workout.

At this point, my heart was racing, debatable whether it was the adrenaline to complete the exercise or the pressure from the park-goers who I felt were watching me like I had a clue what I was doing.

As I jumped up to the bar squeezing my legs tight together I started to rotate my legs slowly hitting 3 o’clock through to 9 o’clock. As a dancer, I thought the higher numbers such as 11, 12 and 1 o’clock would be do-able but sadly they were a write-off.

I quickly learned it is not to do with flexibility but genuine body strength, you have to have a carved core to complete this challenge!

Would HITC recommend it?

  • Yes, 100%! The clock is ticking so get on TikTok find the ab clock challenge and get cracking!

I would recommend this challenge because although it was hard it was a lot of fun. It seems easy to just swing your legs around quickly but the key burner for the core is to hit each time and hold it.

I gave myself a 10/10 for effort then got back to my desk, I definitely won’t be uploading that TikTok fail but you might catch me back at the park for round two.

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