The 2020 Challenge is going viral on Instagram, and here’s exactly how you can join in with this trend.

Just last month, Instagram was dominated by the Black and White Challenge, with women all over the world supporting other women on social media and bringing a bit of love and positivity to the world.

Now, a new challenge is set to rival it, as the 2020 Challenge is already becoming hugely popular – and here’s exactly how to take part.

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What is the 2020 Challenge on Instagram

A new trend is going viral on Instagram called the 2020 challenge, and it’s already looking to be one of the biggest trends of August.

The hashtag #2020challenge already has 50,000 posts, and that number is rising every second.

The challenge involves finding a picture from every month of the year so far and placing them in a grid, then when you put them all together the one photo will represent your year so far.

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How to do Instagram’s 2020 Challenge

  • Find a photo from every month of the year so far. It could be photos of yourself, photos of holidays you’ve been on, photos of food you’ve eaten or even memes. Be creative, but make sure you have nine (you’ll need one for September too!)
  • Download a photo collage app to put all the photos into a 3×3 grid. I recommend Layout, which is made by Instagram and available on the App Store.
  • You’ll also need to use an app to insert the text. Write the name of the month underneath every photo.
  • Now post the photo to Instagram!
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Who started the challenge?

It’s unknown if she was actually the first one to ever complete the challenge, but someone who seems to have started the challenge is Reese Witherspoon.

The actress posted her take on the Instagram 2020 Challenge, posting photos of herself progressively getting more miserable throughout the year.

She makes a joke that Covid-19 it the cause of her misery, as the photos get sadder from April, when the pandemic was at its height.

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