Season 3 of The Rain arrived on Netflix on August 6th and the series’ dramatic ending has left fans in tears and needs to be explained.

When you’re living through a global pandemic, the last thing you really want to be doing is watching a post-apocalyptic TV series where a deadly virus is the show’s chief threat.

However, Netflix’s The Rain – which became the streaming services’ first Danish original series when it launched in 2018 – has proven to be must-see viewing for many.

The series returned for its third and final season in August 2020 and has brought fans the dramatic conclusion they’ve been waiting for.

But just how does The Rain conclude and what does that ending mean?

The Rain Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Rain Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Rain season 3 on Netflix

Season 3 of The Rain arrived on Netflix on August 6th, 2020, a little over a year since fans welcomed season 2.

While the gap for fans has been more than 12 months, just three months have passed for The Rain’s characters themselves since we last caught up with them.

The series continues to focus on the central figures of Simone and Rasmus Andersen as the brother-sister duo find themselves on opposing sides in season 3.


The Rain season 3 ending explained

Simone and a small band of survivors have spent season 3 looking to find a way of helping humanity through the crisis and identify a cure that could help, found in an unusual flower.

Meanwhile, Rasmus has sided with Apollon and their nefarious leader, Sten, who are injecting the virus into terminally ill people, in order to create a world filled with virus-ridden people.

One of those infected by Apollon is Martin, Simone’s boyfriend, who is tasked with bringing Simone back to Rasmus, but he can’t hide his infection for long and in order to save Simone, he takes the cure but it kills him.

This eventually leads to a dramatic confrontation between Simone and the survivors and Rasmus and his infected followers as the latter party venture from the Apollon facility to track down Simone and co.

It’s revealed that all Rasmus wanted was to have Simone by his side but after learning about the cure, he and Sarah – his girlfriend – sacrifice themselves so that Simone and the survivors can help save the rest of humanity.

The episode ends with a montage of memories from Simone and Rasmus’ childhood and we see that Rasmus and Sarah end up buried with Martin while Simone brings the series to an end with some emotional narration as she and the survivors venture off to bring the cure to people around the world.

Simone’s closing narration is particularly poignant as it explains that Rasmus did what he did thanks to the virus infecting him.

“You’re not here anymore. But you’re everywhere. The rain created you. It saved your life while it killed everyone else. It was evil. You only wished to do good. You never meant to cause trouble. All you wanted was a purpose in life. You never found it. But you found it in death.

“I wish I could show you the world of tomorrow. You gave us hope. We’re here thanks to you. And we’re rebuilding the world in your honour. You are in everything that I do, in my every thought. You are forever my sweetheart. I love you.”


Fans react to The Rain’s season 3 ending

It’s safe to say that after spending three seasons with Simone and Rasmus, that fans were not ready for how their story ended.

Plenty of the show’s viewers have taken to social media to explain their thoughts on the final episode.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “the ending of the rain ruined me”

While another, who is mad the show is ending, added: “Iv never cried more to the ending of a show. TheRain 3 great seasons. Rasmus death broke me but at least he and Sarah died together. 10/10 would recommend this show”

And finally, this fan offered up a particularly emoji-filled response to the final episode:

All three seasons of The Rain are available to stream now after the third and final instalment released on Netflix on August 6th, 2020.