A strange new meme is going viral on Twitter in India – what does ‘Binod’ mean?

You may have seen your social media full of a bizarre word, ‘Binod’, and you’re probably wondering what it means.

This one singular word has become a viral internet meme and it’s all thanks to popular YouTuber Slayy Point – here’s the ‘Binod’ meme explained.

Everyone has been sharing ‘Binod’ memes on social media

Recently, you may have been seeing everyone on Twitter writing a certain strange word, and you’re probably wondering what it means.

Social media has been dominated by the word ‘Binod’, and many people have been sharing memes related to the bizarre word online.

If you’re a little confused, then here’s where the ‘Binod’ meme began.

Who started the ‘Binod’ Meme?

Popular Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point, which was founded by Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale can be credited for making up the ‘Binod’ meme.

On July 15th 2020, they posted a video to their YouTube channel titled: “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD).” In the video, they went through some of the Indian comments on their YouTube videos.

They then reveal a comment written by a YouTube user called Binod Tharu who simply comments his own name. Slayy Point then makes a joke about the fact he commented his name, and begins calling everyone in the rest of the video Binod.

Then it became a viral meme

After the video was posted, many fans of Slayy Point also started using the same joke, tweeting out the word ‘Binod’ on social media.

Then, the word Binod even began trending on Twitter! It’s definitely become one of the biggest social media jokes of 2020.

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