Tina and Bobby is back on ITV after first airing three years ago but just what happened to Bobby Moore’s wife after the series? Where is Tina Moore now?

Thanks to the production delays caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we’re starting to see more and more repeats appear on our TV screens.

ITV has been particularly responsible for airing a number of their older series, including the likes of Benidorm and Broadchurch in their recent schedules.

And now, another one of ITV’s past programmes has returned to our screens, this time in the form of Tina and Bobby, a dramatic miniseries focusing on the lives of England football legend Bobby Moore and his wife, Tina.

The series chronicles how the pair first met and details their relationship through the ups and downs of the 1960s and 70s, culminating with their separation and divorce in 1984 and ’86 respectively.

But just what happened to Tina Moore after the events of the series and where is she now?

Tina and Bobby on ITV

Tina and Bobby first appeared on ITV in January 2017 but has reappeared on our screens in August 2020 with the first of three episodes airing on August 5th.

The series explores the relationship between Bobby Moore (Lorne MacFadyen) and Tina Dean, later Tina Moore (Michelle Keegan), after they meet in the late 1950s and details the trials and tribulations the pair had to face throughout their 24-year marriage.


Tina and Bobby’s relationship

Tina Dean met the World Cup-winning captain when she was just 15 years old, while Moore was just a 17-year-old youth player himself, according to Heart.

After initially standing Bobby up, the pair eventually did begin a relationship and after around five years, the pair married in June 1962, later moving to Chigwell in Essex.

The pair had two children together, Roberta – born in 1965 – and Dean – born in 1968 – which came after Bobby underwent an orchidectomy after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1964.

The couple’s relationship was always a hot topic in the UK press, most notably ahead of the 1970 World Cup when Bobby was arrested by Colombian police after he was accused of allegedly stealing a bracelet from the gift shop in the England team’s hotel.

By 1984, however, the Moores’ relationship was on the rocks after Bobby’s playing career had come to an end.

According to The Observer, Bobby met an air stewardess called Stephanie Parlane on a tour of South Africa in 1979 and the pair began an affair which, once it became public knowledge, eventually led to Bobby and Tina’s separation in 1984 and eventual divorce in 1986.

Photo by Reg Burkett/Express/Getty Images

Where is Tina Moore Now?

Tina Moore is now 75 years old and is understood to be in a long-term relationship with Irish bar owner, Steve Duggan, after the pair met around 10 years ago, according to Heart.

Tina even had a hand in bringing Tina and Bobby to the screen as the ITV miniseries is based on the book Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best which was written by Tina Moore herself.

On top of that, she also served as a script consultant for the miniseries and even gave tips to actress Michelle Keegan.

Meanwhile, Bobby Moore’s cancer returned in both his bowel and liver in the early 1990s and on February 24th, 1993, Moore passed away.

Tina and Bobby’s son, Dean, also passed away with his death coming in 2011 following complications related to diabetes.

Tina and Bobby continues on Wednesday evenings until the ITV miniseries concludes on August 19th while you can catch up with any episodes missed on ITV Hub.