Marvel’s Avengers has oddly been quiet in regard to the amount of hype surrounding it, but the levels of anticipation might be about to rapidly increase with the forthcoming betas. Polygon says that the game is the superhero RPG they’ve been waiting for, so here’s hoping fans will have any and all worries eased. To help you play as early as possible, here you’ll discover the Avengers beta start time on PlayStation 4, as well as its price and dates.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, you will want to participate in one of the demos for Marvel’s Avengers so you can get the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe. However, if you’re not particularly interested in Square Enix’s adaptation or aren’t as convinced as some, you will want to skip this weekend’s playthrough thanks to its cost. Know that there will still be plenty of opportunities remaining for you to get the Pickaxe.

With the above being said, if you’re massively interested in Square Enix’s adaptation of Marvel’s version of Justice League, below you’ll discover the beta start time for PS4.

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Marvel Avengers PS4 price

The pre-order price for Marvel’s Avengers on PS4 is £59.99.

You will need to pay this price in order to participate in the first Marvel’s Avengers beta taking place this weekend.

In addition to getting access to the first demo, pre-ordering the standard version of the game will also bag you the following bonuses:

  • Marvel Legacy Outfit pack
  • Nameplate
  • Ms. Marvel emote
  • Dynamic theme

There is also an Exclusive Digital Edition which costs £64.99, and this offers the same rewards plus 1,000 credits for customisation, a Ms. Marvel nameplate, and 72 hours early access for the full release.

And the editions don’t stop as there’s also a Deluxe Edition available for £74.99. This comes with everything offered in the Standard and Exclusive Digital, but six Obsidian-themed nameplates and an exclusive Obsidian Outfit pack for all the Avengers.

What is the Avengers beta start time?

The Avengers beta start time is 21:00 local time on August 7th.

Square Enix’s first beta for Marvel’s Avengers will start at 21:00 and end at the exact same time on August 9th.

As for what you can expect from the demo, there will be four hours worth of content. This includes 20 combined co-op and single player missions with four super heroes available.

The beta will come to Xbox One and PC on August 14th with the same pre-order conditions, but for now it is only available for PS4.

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