Model Niece Waidhofer is suing Thothub, a site that shares paywalled adult content for free.

Online influencers often become the target of copycat social media profiles where other users take their content and images, posing as them.

Another common problem for YouTubers is copyright infringement, where other people use or distribute their videos without consent.

Now, OnlyFans content creator Deniece ‘Niece’ Waidhofer, who boasts a 1.9 million fan base on Instagram, has shared her troubles with the site Thothub who allegedly used her content without permission.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Niece Waidhofer’s lawsuit explained

According to Vice, model Niece Waidhofer is suing Thothub for allegedly sharing her images without consent.

The publication reported that Waidhofer has gone after Chaturbate and BangBros for allegedly advertising on Thothub, and Cloudflare for providing services to the site.

In a statement, Waidhofer’s attorney Brett S. Rosenthal said:

“After being published on Thothub and downloaded by many of its one million-plus members, Waidhofer’s published and unpublished works have been widely disseminated across the Internet and seen by millions.

“This has caused, and continues to cause, personal, reputational, and monetary harm to Waidhofer.”

According to the lawsuit, Waidhofer sells semi-nudes to followers on her OnlyFans account for $14.99 a month.

Niece Waidhofer speaks up on Instagram

The model took to her Instagram profile to confirm that she has filed a lawsuit against Thothub.

Waidhofer wrote:

“Yesterday I filed a lawsuit against online pirates, which you can read about on @vice through the link in my story.

“I’m standing up to the pirates and their enablers on behalf of all the creators whose work they have stolen and bodies they exploited. We won’t take it anymore. Lawyer up, Captain Thotcakes.”

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Thothub is apparently down

Twitter users have revealed that Thothub is no longer available and it appears that the site has been taken down.

The news about Waidhofer’s lawsuit broke just a few days ago. However, it’s unclear whether the site’s removal has anything to do with it.

One person tweeted: “rip thothub, you’ll be greatly missed! many hours of content has been consumed on that wonderful website!”

Someone else reacted: “damn they took down Thothub.”

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