Former AOA member Mina has left her fans worried after a disturbing Instagram post.

Mina, whose real name is Kwon Min-ah, has been in the media spotlight for the last one month after she came forward with allegations about one of her bandmates.

According to Metro, the singer alleged that she was bullied by an AOA member for years. The alleged person is Jimin, who according to The Straits Times, left the group following Mina’s allegations.

Mina has left her fans worried after she posted a triggering Instagram post, and later came forward with an update about her post, saying that she is fine.

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Mina’s post leaves fans worried

People on social media have warned others to be careful with a recent Instagram post that Mina shared. The singer’s fans said that many would find the picture upsetting and disturbing.

One person said: “please be careful if you follow mina from aoa on instagram she just posted a very triggering photo.”

Another fan added: “dont go to aoa mina’s instagram if you get triggered by pictures of selfharm.”

What happened with Mina?

Mina previously came forward with allegations about one of her bandmates who allegedly bullied her during her time with the South Korean group.

In a series of Instagram posts (via Metro), the singer opened up why she decided to leave AOA.

Mina explained:

“I was never stressed about being an idol, and in truth, I never wanted to leave AOA; but because of one person who hated me, I gave up after enduring her bullying for 10 years and at the end of it all, I wanted to turn around and curse at her. In the end, I gave up AOA.

“I really had fun promoting as AOA with the other members. But some time ago, that unnie’s father passed away, and I felt so sad and strange. At least I know exactly how that feels. When I went to the funeral she came to my crying, telling me she was sorry. It was so unfulfilling, and my heart really broke down.”

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Mina comes forward with Instagram update

Mina has reassured her fans that she’s doing okay and that her Instagram picture is old.

According to Soompi, Mina said: “I didn’t attempt suicide right now. It was something I did around a month ago after talking to an FNC employee.

“And there have been many people asking me through DMs (direct messages) about why I unfollowed the members, cursing at me, or telling me to explain something, and I’ll talk about that because I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve to be cursed at.”

The publication also added a a statement from Mina’s agency which said: “Mina is in good health currently. She’s resting at home after being discharged from the hospital.”

Mina’s Instagram update is available from a fan on Twitter.