A llama called ‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’ has attended Black Lives Matter protests earlier this summer.

This year has been a major wake-up call for the world.

People around the world have taken to the streets to demand social justice and equality following the death of George Floyd.

The Black Lives Matter movement has seen participation from individuals and whole communities and one person brought their llama to recent protests in Portland.

So, let’s meet ‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’!

Llama, Dan Romero on Unsplash

‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’

‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’ and the animal’s caretaker Larry McCool have attended the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Portland.

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The llama, which comes from Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon, has been said to have a positive influence during the protests.

In an interview for The Sun, Larry spoke of the calming effect ‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’ brought once people saw the llama activist.

“Everyone seemed really happy to have him there, even those who were confused by his presence…he was definitely a good morale booster.

“I was only there for about two hours but it was an extremely peaceful and positive protest, those leading it made sure to talk about the impact of police brutality and bring up many of the hundreds of names of people who fall victim to it every day.”

Larry’s Mystic Llama farm is also home to “Chick A Boom & Pepito among others”, according to the farm’s official Facebook page.

Larry has owned the farm for more than 20 years and they often visit retirement and care homes. They also visit schools and take part in different events to cheer up people of all ages.

‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’ on Instagram

Caesar has gained popularity on social media as the llama has enjoyed a lot of media spotlight lately.

The animal activist boasts a fan base of 10.2k followers which must have risen up after attending the protests.

You can follow Caesar under the handle @caesarthenodramallama.

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People react on Twitter

People on social media called Caesar adorable and praised Larry and the llama for calming tensions at the recent protests.

“I think I need a therapy llama. Meet ‘Caesar the No Drama Llama,” one person tweeted.

“We need more therapy llamas to heal our fractured society!” someone else reacted.

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