Two TikTok rivals Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou have had some major beef yet again – and this time it’s getting serious.

Within the Hype House and Sway House, there’s always a lot of drama. Just the other day, Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson allegedly split after a huge social media scandal. And Bryce Hall and Addison Rae made some pretty cryptic tweets about their speculated romance.

And now Bryce Hall is in the limelight yet again, but this time due to his beef with Thomas Petrou – and he’s made some pretty big accusations about Thomas.

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Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou have had beef before

With Bryce Hall being in the Sway House and Thomas Petrou being leader of the Hype House, they’re bound to have their rivalries, but the fellow TikTok stars have had their fair share of drama over the past year.

Back in May, Thomas called out Bryce’s YouTube content, which he wasn’t best pleased about. And they were in another feud when Addison Rae left the hype house.

It’s safe to say the pair aren’t the best of friends – and now there’s been even more drama.

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Bryce called out Thomas on Twitter

Bryce took to Twitter yesterday (August 5th) to start some drama with Thomas Petrou yet again. He tweeted four screenshots all alongside the caption: “Thomas Petrou is a p*ssy.”

A video allegedly began circling of Bryce Hall saying that the Hype House content is all fake and nowhere near as good as the Sway House. Then, Thomas Petrou said: We all make the same content. Instead of taking sh*it lets talk about Lebanon.”

The pair continued to argue about who produced the best content, but then, the accusations became much worse. Petrou said that Bryce should stick to “getting locked up for drug use”, a reference to Bryce being arrested for the possession of Marijuana in May.

Then, Bryce fought back, posting a screenshot of a paragraph he had written on the notes section of his phone. He said: “Thomas, let’s not bring “drug use” into this when members of YOUR house have serious drug problems and you supply all the minors w/ alcohol.”

These allegations are a lot more serious than petty arguments about YouTube content, and there is currently no evidence to support whether these claims are true.

But fans think Bryce started unnecessary drama

Many fans have taken to Twitter to argue how problematic they think Bryce is. The TikTok star has been known to start white a lot of unnecessary drama before, and he loves to go on Twitter and make his personal scandals public.

One Twitter user said: “Bryce Hall is getting on my nerves why is he starting an argument with Thomas Petrou for no reason….. he’s so problematic.”

Another said: “Jesus Christ, it’s 2020 and there are more serious problems like BLM & the explosion and your worrying about Thomas Petrou.”

But others will always support Bryce, with someone saying: “I’d rather stan Bryce Hall than stan Thomas Petrou or whatever his name is..”

It seems that there’s no clear winner in this argument, and both Bryce and Thomas will always have their loyal fans.

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