The explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday caused shock around the world – and it was surely a day Israa Seblani will never forget.

More than 5,000 people were injured in the incident and 135 have been confirmed dead, reports the BBC.

As the blast happened, newlywed Dr Seblani was posing for her wedding photographs in a stunning white lace gown.

While capturing the bride on her big day, photographer Mahmoud Nakib managed to film the exact moment the explosion happened.

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Photo by Haytham El Achkar/Getty Images

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Who is Israa Seblani?

  • Israa Seblani is a bride who was taking her wedding pictures when the Beirut explosion happened on Tuesday.

The bride, who is from Lebanon, had been in the country for three weeks to prepare for her marriage to businessman Ahmad Subeih, 34.

Israa Seblani, 29, is a doctor who works in the United States. Speaking with Reuters, she said that after the blast she tried to help the injured nearby.

In the video Dr Seblani can be seen posing in an intricate lace dress in the Saifi Village area of Beirut. She is standing outside the Le Gray Hotel where she had planned on spending her wedding night, reports The Guardian.

As the camera zooms in on her veil, a loud explosion can be heard and photographer Nakib is pushed forward by the force.

When he spins the camera back round to where Dr Seblani was, she can be seen linking arms with her husband and hurrying into a nearby building. 

What happened in Beirut?

On Tuesday a fire broke out at the Port of Beirut and a series of smaller blasts could be heard before a large one created a huge mushroom cloud, reports the BBC.

This explosion destroyed dozens of buildings around the port and created a crater of about 140m wide in the dockside.

Photo by THIBAULT CAMUS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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The BBC reports that Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun said 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored in a warehouse at the port, had exploded.

It has since been confirmed that 135 people have died and more than 5,000 have been injured by the massive explosion.

Has has Dr Israa Seblani said anything about her experience?

Just one day after the explosion Dr Seblani spoke with new agency Reuters about the terrifying experience.

She said: “What happened during the explosion here – there is no word to explain … I was shocked, I was wondering what happened, am I going to die? How am I going to die?”

Photo by THIBAULT CAMUS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Dr Seblani explained how she and her new husband tried to continue with celebrating their wedding, but that she was “sad” for the people of Lebanon.

Despite this, the bride tried to stay positive. She said: “When I woke up and saw the damage that happened to Beirut, the one thing I said was thank God we are still alive.”

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