Donald Trump is the subject of another hilarious viral meme, but what has he done this time?

It’s definitely not the first time Donald Trump has been grilled by the internet, and it seems to be a pretty regular occurrence these days.

There was the time when he did the walk of shame after his failed rally, and just last week he went viral for his strange ‘person, woman, camera, man TV’ interview.

And now, he’s turned himself into a laughing stock yet again after he mispronounced a specific word when talking at the White House yesterday (August 4th, 2020) – you won’t want to miss this one.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump mispronounced Yosemite

Speaking at a White House event which was being shown in live national television, Donald Trump made a blunder that he will never live down.

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The president was speaking about a new conservation bill that, The Great America Outdoors Act, that the US just passes. But when talking about a very popular American location, he makes a huge mistake with its pronunciation.

He says: “When young Americans experience the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, when their eyes widen in amazement as Old Faithful bursts into the sky, when they gaze upon Yosemite’s — Yosemite’s towering sequoias…”

But when he says the word Yosemite, he pronounces it entirely wrong despite it being the most famous National Park in America. And then, he tries to correct himself but says it wrong for a second time, and no one will ever let him forget it.

It’s turned into an internet meme

Trump’s mispronunciation of the word Yosemite has of course turned into. viral internet meme.

As soon as the White House event aired on US television, viewers picked up on the mistake and began sharing the video around social media, and social media users couldn’t help but tweet about the huge error.

Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez tweeted: “At a WH (White House) event just now, Trump pronounced ‘Yosemite’ as ‘Yo-Semite’.

Another person said: “A few mins ago Trump pronounced ‘Yosemites’ like ‘Yo Semites’ and I can’t stop thinking about it #Yosemite.”

It seems like the whole world was clearly in a state of shock and couldn’t believe what they’d just heard!

And then a hilarious hashtag started trending on Twitter

After Trump made the massive mistake, a hilarious hashtag started gaining traction on Twitter.

People began sharing the phrase #TrumpIsALaughingStock, and posting any funny videos or photo of the American president that they could find.

The hashtag has been used almost 50,000 times, and the Yosemite blunder certainly isn’t the first time Trump has made such an awful mistake, nor will it be the last!

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