TikTok has gone crazy over a song called “Mi Pan” on the app which is seemingly non- sensical, and have made thousands of videos to it.

There has been a debate on the video sharing app over the lyrics of the song, as people have argued over the language it is sang in.

If you are searching for the lyrics of “Mi Pan” then you don’t need to look any further as we have found the real lyrics and the meaning behind them.

Read on to find out more.



♬ THIS SONG ISNTT ABOUT BREAD Stop mipansusus – itzmilpops

What do the lyrics of ‘Mi Pan’ mean?

Spanish speakers on the app heard the word ‘pan’ and inferred that the song was about bread.

However, Russian speakers on TikTok soon spread the word that the song was in fact called ‘Miel Pops’ and was a jingle to a Russian advert about cereal.

The lyrics in English are:

Miel Pops, bzz 🐝 bzz 🐝 bzz 🐝, bzz 🐝 bzz 🐝 bzz 🐝.

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Miel Pops, so delicious, om nom nom.

Honey balls for Breakfast. Miel Pops, honey kap-kap-kap, kap kap kap.

“Zhu zhu zhu” is meant to be an imitation of a bee, the way english speakers say “bzz” “bzz”.

TikTokkers explain the meaning behind the song

Several Russian TikTokkers have taken to the app to explain more about the song.

The version of the song which has taken off on TikTok is sped up and autotuned. One TikToker said:

“Let the real Russian here explain the actual translation for you so you guys can get a little bit more cultured.”

“It doesn’t actually say ‘Mi Pan Su Su Sum’, it actually says ‘Miel Pops’ which is a Russian cereal brand and the ‘Zhu Zhu Zhu’ is just the sound of a bee which is their mascot.”

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