Nessa Barrett has made several headlines since rising to fame through TikTok, but the latest is not something she is particularly pleased with.

TikTok users have been poking fun at Nessa for reportedly sharting during a Live Stream.

The video has also been circulated online, and Nessa has responded to the jokes herself.

Read on to find out more.

Did Nessa Barrett shart on a Live Stream?

During a Live Stream with Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and Griffin Johnson, Nessa lets out a fart.

The group proceeds to laugh at the fart and poke fun at Nessa, to which she replies “I’m sorry, I’m nervous.”

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Nessa responds to the shart jokes

On August 4th, Nessa tweeted: “this whole farting thing is low key getting on my nerves it was literally BRYCE now leave me alone.”

She further explained: “y’all think it’s funny bc it’s not u getting bullied for it. it was funny at first but now it’s so annoying.”

Josh Richards replied to one of Nessa’s tweets, saying: “Shart girl.”

Bryce Hall also joined in with the teasing, tweeting: “nessa SHARTED.”

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