Marvel’s Avengers launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in September, and Square Enix have been hyping up its launch with War Table demonstrations. But, away from just showing the game, Square Enix are also allowing gamers to play it early via betas. Here you’ll discover how to download the Marvel’s Avengers beta on PS4 and whether it is free.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, then you’ll have some interest in Marvel’s Avengers because of its collaboration with Epic Games. For those who participate in one of the demos and complete the necessary challenges, you will unlock a Hulk Smashers Pickaxe to use in the famous Battle Royale title.

Whether you’re interested in Square Enix’s game or simply wish to obtain the Fortnite item, here you’ll discover how to download the beta and whether it is free.

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers | BETA Trailer

Is the Marvel Avengers beta free?

No, the first Marvel’s Avengers beta on PS4 is not free.

The first Marvel’s Avengers beta on PS4 is not free because it requires you to pre-order the game before August 7th to participate.

While the first demo between August 7th and 9th is only open to those who pre-order on Sony’s system, there will be another demo shortly afterwards.

And yes, this one will be free without any pre-order necessary. This beta takes place on August 14th, so this is the one Fortnite fans on PS4 will want to get involved with.

How to download Avengers beta on PS4

You will be able to download and preload the Marvel’s Avengers beta for PS4 on August 6th.

Being able to download and preload the Avengers beta on August 6th is possible provided you pre-order a digital copy from the PSN store.

If you’ve pre-ordered a physical copy, then you should have received a redemption code from your retailer via email.

Once you’ve found this pre-order code, you must then send it to Square Enix’s redemption page so they can give you a beta code (you will need a Square Enix members account).

If you don’t have a pre-order code, then you will need to contact the retailer who you pre-ordered from.

The first Avengers beta for PS4 begins on August 7th and finishes on the 9th.

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