Chicago based rapper FBG Duck has sadly died in a drive-by shooting, and fans are taking to Twitter to pay their tributes.

FBG Duck was was born and raised in Chicago’s Southside neighbourhood and began his rapping career at a young age in the group the Fly Boy Gang. Little did he know, the city where it all began would also be the place it would all end.

His shock death has caused a lot of emotion throughout the rapping community and all across the world, and fans have been sharing their messages of sadness and memory on Twitter.

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Who was FBG Duck?

FBG Duck, whose real name is Carlton D. Weekly, is a US rapper from Chicago.

The 26-year-old is popular has released many popular songs including Slide, Expose Me, Young & Living, Let’s Talk, and Right Now, and was one of Chicago’s up and coming artists in the rap scene.

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Back in 2019, FBG Duck released a song called Chicago Legends which was dedicated to many rappers who had previously been killed from gun violence – something that would soon become even sadder.

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FBG Duck was killed on Tuesday

It has just been revealed that the rapper sadly passed away on Tuesday (Aug 4th 2020).

According to The Sun, FBG Duck was killed in a drive-by shooting whilst standing in broad daylight outside a shop in the Gold Coast neighbourhood of Chicago.

Two vehicles pulled up with armed gunmen inside, and FBG Duck was pronounced dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his torso.

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Fans pay tribute to the rapper on Twitter

Today, Twitter has been flooded with tributes and messages in loving memory of FBG Duck.

One fan wrote: “Wow FBG duck passed away. That’s crazy.” Many simple wrote messages saying “RIP” and express their sheer shock over the rapper’s sudden death.

Other people are blaming Chicago’s police system after a video allegedly shows the rapper lying in the road for a considerable length of time before gaining any medical attention.

One person tweeted: “Yo that is crazy FBG Duck laying there for 10 whole mins and not one person tending to any of his wounds! @Chicago_Police what in the whole f*ck wrong wit y’all?”

Another said: “The paramedics at the scene for FBG Duck’s shooting f*cking suck.”

Fans continue to take to social media to express their sadness and anger after the rapper’s death.

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