A feature that’s actually existed for a really long time has been confusing users after Snapchat’s latest update – what does ‘added by story’ mean?

Every few months, Snapchat likes to update its app. And we don’t mean your usual bug fixes and minor little details that no one will notice, we mean the whole entire app changes.

Sometimes they’re good, but other times the world really wishes it could just have the old Snapchat back. And that’s exactly what’s happened this time – the update hasn’t gone down so well with users.

A lot of people have been noticing a new feature recently where Snapchat says someone has ‘added you by story’, and it’s leaving users very confused – so what does it actually mean?

Snapchat have just released another big update

Twitter users are up in arms today (August 5th) as they take to the social media app to yet again express they disgust at a new Snapchat update.

One Twitter user said: “Another Snapchat update I don’t think I like.” Whilst another said: “snapchat downgrades every update.”

And like every update, Snapchat seems to have introduced a new feature that users don’t understand – what is ‘added by story’?

Snapchat introduces ‘added by story’

Snapchat users have been noticing a new feature where they get a notification saying someone has ‘added you by story’.

Whilst you may have only just noticed the feature with the recent update, it has actually existed for years and it’s not new at all.

The feature was introduced back in 2017 alongside the ‘group story’ feature. But how does someone ‘add you by story’?

What does ‘added by story’ mean on Snapchat?

There are three ways you can get the ‘added by story’ message:

  • If you are posting into a group story or location-based group story, and someone clicks on your name and adds you then it will say they have ‘added you via story’.
  • If you post a story onto your own personal account story, and someone sends it to another person to watch, and they decide to add you, it will also show up as ‘added via story’.
  • If you are tagged in someone else’s story and someone clicks on your name and adds you, it will also say ‘added via story’.

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