Cars are coming to Fortnite, and the release date and time for the JoyRide update are fast approaching.

Of all the new additions to Fortnite over the years, cars are one of the most sought-after. The game’s vehicle selection is currently limited at best, so players are hoping for the opportunity to traverse the world in four-wheeled style.

Thankfully, a tweet from Fortnite has revealed the exact date (if not the time) that cars will arrive in the popular game. The tweet also gives us some insight into one cat model, known as Whiplash.

What time does the Fortnite cars update arrive?

Fortnite will be updated to add cars on Wednesday August 5 2020.

While Epic Games hasn’t given a specific time for the 13.40 JoyRide Fortnite car update, the previous update went live at 01:00 PST (04:00 EST, 09:00 BST), so it’s likely that this new patch will come at a similar time.

Not much is known about how cars will work in Fortnite just yet, but once the update has officially dropped, players should be able to find cars scattered around the Battle Royale map.

Which cars are in the game?

The official tweet from Fortnite has made it clear that one of the cars coming some time tomorrow is known as the Whiplash. Other cars are apparently named Mudflap, Prevalent, and Bear.

Beyond this, data miners have uncovered details suggesting that there’ll be four new vehicles in the game: a small, medium, and large car, plus a truck.

There will likely be multiple colour schemes for each car so as to give players plenty of variety. After all, Fortnite is all about colourful, eye-catching designs.

All of the specifics will remain a mystery until the JoyRide update adds cars to Fortnite at some time tomorrow.

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