While PlayStation 4 users are understandably hyperventilating about the very exciting Fall Guys which joins PS Plus, there’s another unique multiplayer game joining Sony’s system named The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare. The release date for this game is fast approaching, and – because of its absence on the PSN store – many people are asking: what is The Mean Greens’ PS4 price? 

The Means Greens Plastic Warfare has been on Steam since 2015 but is finally joining PS4. As a multiplayer game which sees you control a bunch of army men toys and even toy raptors, there’s a bunch of unique modes which will allow you to combat others in wacky scenarios such as racing to light candles on a giant birthday cake.

If you’re looking forward to playing against mates as the army men from Andy’s room in Toy Story, here you’ll discover its release date and price.

The Mean Greens’ PS4 release date

The PS4 release date for The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare is August 5th.

Although its release date is tomorrow, The Mean Greens is not available to pre-order from the PSN store.

In regard to what modes you can expect, the following were shared in the PlayStation Blog announcement:

  • Racing to light candles on a giant birthday cake
  • Trying to thaw a frozen dinosaur inside a freezer
  • Capturing points on a moving train
  • Pushing a giant soccer ball into a goal on a foosball table

The same PlayStation Blog announcement says that there are 21 unique map layouts in 15 different locations throughout a full scale home.

As for the size of matches, up to ten players will be able to compete against each other while jumping, shooting, and rolling in pursuit of victory.

The Mean Greens’ PS4 price

The PS4 price for The Mean Greens hasn’t been shared as of yet.

However, The Mean Greens is available on Steam for the cost of £7.19, so its PS4 price probably won’t be too far off.

Again, you cannot pre-order it from the PSN store thanks to its notable absence, but you will be able to buy it on August 5th.

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