A video has been going viral on social media that sees an acrobat being handcuffed on North Carolina’s Myrtle Beach – read all the details here.

Professional acrobat Sam Myrtle has taken to Facebook to respond after she was detained by police this week amid claims that her thong bikini was too revealing.

She’s urged social media users to share her Facebook posts, as she fights for women to be able to wear what they want without objectification.

Sam Panda was handcuffed on Myrtle Beach

Aerial Acrobat performer Sam Panda was detained by police on Myrtle Beach this week after her thong bikini was deemed to be too revealing.

According to TMZ, a woman called the Police on Sam as she disapproved of the small swimwear, leading to police arriving and handcuffing her on the spot.

A viral video is being shared around social media that sees Sam Panda being held by two policemen.

Sam Panda reacts on Facebook

The acrobat took to her Facebook account to react to the events that happened on Myrtle Beach, writing a series of angry posts in which she uses the hashtag #CancelMyrtleBeach.

She first begins by writing a post aimed at the woman that called the police on her, who she calls “some Karen”. She argues that the woman has caused her to be “rushed, aggressively grabbed, manhandled, and cuffed” as well as being “slut-shamed publicly on a beach”, whilst also blaming her for “objectifying a female body”.

Then, she re-posts the viral video and writes a message explaining the whole situation, saying:

“A woman called the cops on me because of my bikini. That’s how this all started. Some Karen decided that my body was offensive to her and showed her child that her body could one day lead to her arrest. Her body could be the reason a grown a*s man violates her. Her body is wrong.”

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If you are a woman, and you decide to call the police on other women for their bodies ON A BEACH, IN FRONT OF YOUR…

Posted by Sam Panda on Sunday, August 2, 2020

She urges her followers to share the posts

Sam Panda has her Facebook viewable to the public, and urged everyone to share her posts.

She wrote “feel free to share” and started her own hashtag #CancelMyrtleBeach, which other social media users have already began using.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “What America are we living in where women’s bikini choices are regulated by the government?? #CancelMyrtleBeach.”

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